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Jse Coin, The New Bitcoin?

Jse Coin is the most interesting cryptocurrency in 2018. It was founded in 2017 by James Bachini
and it is designed for the web. Coin is mineable for everyone who owns a web-browser and internet
connection. Also you can purchase coins with Ethereum using MetaMask -addon, example. Buying
Jse-coins with Ethereum is only option available for now, but they have a plan to list cryptomarkets
later this year so then you can purchase them with other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin.

How to purchase JSE-coin?

1. Fist you have to open your account and register throught this link: Open JSE-account now.
2. Download MetaMask -addon to your web-browser and create account.
3. Buy Ethereum and send those to your MetaMask -account.
4. Then you have to add your personal info and just created MetaMask Ethereum address to your
whitelisting paper.

Jse coin is webbased cryptocurrency and it can be mined very easily with your browser.

How to mine JSE-coin?

1. Open your JSE-coin account with this link: Open JSE-account now.
2. Go to and login.

3. Just click "Mining" section on the left panel.

4. Click "Start mining" button.

5. Earn and enjoy with your first JSE-coin reward!