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Domain selling, way to earn?

Have you ever thinking about domain selling? Or heared stories about some big earnings with domain selling? Exsmple, Apple bought domain "" with huge $6 million money amount. Well, some "average" people make serious money with this kind of investing. Now we take a look to this opportunity. World's first registered domain ever is It was registered in 1985, so it have been a while there. Most valuable and common domain extension is ".com". Just remember that. Other good choices after that is ".net" and ".org" extensions. Best of all is, like said ".com". If you want make some profit you have to get domain with ".com" -extension. If we think locigally, domains have been selling about three decades now, so finding a good one isn't such an easy thing.

If you need more info about domain buying and selling, we can suggest some good e-book, shortly called "Domainer's Bible". This book was written by Paul Tebow and it sticks right to the point. You can purchase that book from here and what is better, it's also very cheap: Domainer's Bible: A Beginners guide..

Top 3 Best Domain Marketplaces

1. Flippa
2. Sedo
3. Ebay